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EIS Zilico Ltd seeks a further £500k growth funding via Deepbridge Syndicate
Funding Required: £500,000
EIS The Headshot Guy seeks £150,000 R&D to scale and working capital
Funding Required: £150,000
EIS Smart Matrix Limited seeks £6.5m to reach regulatory approval and potential exit
Funding Required: £6.5m
AirTicketArena Ltd seeks £350,000
Funding Required: £350,000
EIS Goldfinch Goodnight Limited seeks £500,000
Funding Required: £500,000
EIS Catch Energy Limited seeks up to £5,000,000
Funding Required: £5,000,000
EIS Born To Productions Limited seeks £700k, minimum application £70,000
Funding Required: £700,000
EIS eXroid Technology Ltd seeks £1.25m equity investment for development capital
Funding Required: £1.25m
Rocksolve International seeks £200,000
Funding Required: £200,000
EIS VN Aerotoxic Detection Solutions Ltd seeks £600,000 development capital for prototyping, field testing and certification
Funding Required: £600,000
EIS ioLight seeks £250,000 for sales & marketing and product development
Funding Required: £250,000
EIS Squirrel is overfunding
Funding Required: £up to £750,000
EIS Active Needle Technology Ltd seeks minimum target £250k, with max overfunding to £400k
Funding Required: £250k
EIS Novum Insights seeks development capital to grow Data Analytics business
Funding Required: £450,000

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